St. John’s Lutheran Church is a church that…

Preaches the Gospel.  We believe that our primary purpose is to proclaim the good news that sins are freely forgiven for Jesus’ sake. Our purpose is not to promote social or politicaIMG_0821l causes.

Is faithful to Scripture.  We believe that the Bible is God’s eternal Word, that it contains no errors or “myths,” that it is the only source for doctrine and life.

Is honest about sin.  We believe that, by nature, all people are sinful and would be eternally lost without faith in Christ. We preach repentance of sins, not removal of “guilt feelings.”

Luther_sealClings to Christ alone.  We believe that faith in Jesus is the sure way to heaven and it is also the only way to heaven. Good works, prayer, and holiness of life are the fruit of faith in Christ, but never the cause of faith or salvation.

Promotes true growth.  We believe that faith is strengthened and matures by using the Means of Grace, that is, the Gospel in Word and Sacrament. Through these the Holy Spirit generates, sustains, and increases personal faithCLC_Classic_LOGO_ART_black

Respects privacy in giving.  We believe that Christians will support the work of the Gospel by their freewill offerings. This is a private matter between the believer and his Lord.

Tests the spirits.  We believe that promoting the Truth includes identifying and rejecting whatever is contrary to Scripture. The Bible itself, and not human reason or religious authorities, is the basis for distinguishing betwebible-pageen true doctrine and false.

Separates between Church and State.  We believe that Church and State have separate functions under God. The State deals with crime, punishment, war, and things of the body, while the Church concerns itself with the forgiveness of sins and godly living, things of the soul.

Reaches out.  We hold precious the common faith that unites us, and we wish to share it with others. We want you to know the joy of complete pardon and peace through Christ. We invite you to join us for worship services every Sunday morning. We also offer adult instruction classes in the basic teachings of the Bible, held at your convenience. Our Christian Day School, Sunday School, Catechism Classes, and Vacation Bible School are offered so that children may grow in their knowledge of Christ and in the love and reverence of God. 

See  The Church of the Lutheran Confession for more information.