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Privileged to Proclaim Christ for more than 125 years!

The grass withers, The flower fades, But the Word of our God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8IMG_0822

Tired of constant changes? Looking for an anchor in a world of shifting values? Come to St. John’s Lutheran Church and hear about something that never changes: God’s grace and pardon
toward sinners in His Son Jesus Christ.

St. John’s has been privileged to proclaim this message for over 100 years. We’re a small town church with friendly people who have learned to trust the Bible as the inerrant Word of a gracious and merciful God. Join us, and hear what God’s unchanging Word has to say to you! Worship is traditional, reverent, and always Christ centered.  

Christian Education

Since 1995 the congregation has been privileged to operate a Christian Day School where the message of the crucified and risen Christ permeates the daily classroom. Currently, the K-8 school is staffed by two teachers. We consider it an honor to
minister to these young children with the news of their Savior Jesus Christ.

One Purpose

We believe that our primary purpose is to proclaim the good news that sins are freely forgiven for Jesus’ sake. Our purpose is not to promote social or political causes.

St. John’s is a member congregation of The Church of the Lutheran Confession.  Thanks for stopping by!